The perfect fit: forget mass production. The perfect pair of shoes should be personally measured and painstakingly hand-crafted in Italy—that’s Barollo’s philosophy #fashion #shoes #footwear #luxury @[email protected]

¿Existen en el Fediverso mujeres que amen los pies masculinos o que quieran sus pies adorados?

Are in the Fediverse women interested in men feet or having their own feet worshipped?

Please share! - @fetichista for joining recently and being our most active contributor of *all time!* is open for registration again, if this is a place you're interested in come join us!

@fetichista This is a tiny server and there aren't a lot of people active here compared to some of the bigger Mastodon instances.

¿A alguien le interesan las fotos que pongo?. Si no contesta nadie no tengo apoyo para seguir subiendolas.

Is anyone interested in these photos I upload?. If nobody answer then I haven't support to continue.

May or may not have just recorded a new clip in the flats My good boy bought 😏

Pics on OF & clip on IWC tonight or tomorrow!

#findom #findomme #femdom #footfetish #feet #footworship #soles #toes #flats #shoefetish #shoedipping #shoedangle #shoes

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